The Eashl Jets are a EASHL hockey team that was formed by Cody Erickson and is Captained by Jason "Mrlav" Lavender and Justin "Metoo_7" Metrow, the team has a total of 37 members so far who are all about having a good time and winning.

2008-2009 Jets Roster Edit


# Player Name Position Class Country
17 Cody Erickson 'Gm' RW Canada
69 Jason Lavender 'C' D United States
57 Justin Metrow 'A' LW Canada
18 Matt Mckay N/A N/A N/A
73 Tyler Mahan LW Canada
91 Curtis Lockinger N/A N/A Canada
19 Matt Morin C N/A Canada
Graeme Gibson United States
13 Mike Waldrem G Canada
92 Anthony Donovan LW Canada
40 Jeremy Mortenson G United States
39 Scott Sheik RW Canada
94 Tormod Bosdal RW Norway
97 Brendan Cameron RW
Ryan White D Canada
Stephen Younger C United States
71 David Palmiere C N/A Canada
33 Tanner Daniels LW
24 Tim Nargi C United States
26 Sean McGoldrick RW Canada
3 Taco Jesus D N/A Canada
N/A Walt Thirdier RW N/A United States
15 Michael Randall RW Canada
27 Rick Boudreault LW Canada
12 Jake Harp United States
22 Justin MacLellan C Canada
10 Josh Coash D United States
N/A Sebastien Larose D N/A Canada
72 Brent Smith D Germany
4 Daemon Parent D Canada
44 Brent Ladouceur LW Canada
33 Patrick MacDonald G
87 Daralan Hubbard D