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The Slurpee Hawks were one of the first teams to pioneer and master the neutral zone trap in the EASHL. With their solid D and explosive offensive power, the Hawks became a force in this vast league.

The team was formed by gamer CV 2112 and orbital0087 during EA's NHL08 when it was revealed that there would be a league in NHL09. The duo quickly started building the franchise by searching for players. The first person recruited to the team was gamer McClain who was a stay at home defensive defenseman. The original 6 roster was Doh, Albain, Fenix, Orbital, CV, and McClain. During the season the Slurpee Hawks had to say goodbye to McClain whom retired from gaming, as well as Doh who moved on from the league. Gatman was added to the roster and joined Fenix in becoming one of the strongest offensive duo's the EASHL had to offer. During the Slurpee Hawks run they climbed as high as 7th overall in the league before slowly dropping down due to core members not being able to play. The team fell to 40th overall, and has tried a comeback reunion to try and take what they believe to be rightfully theirs, the EASHL championship. As of recent, Fenix has had the red ring of death and is out indefinately, and Orbital and CV are now playing with other teams for fun.

Roster Edit

Gamertag Position
Orbital0087 Defence
CV 2112 Goalie
x X Fenix X x Left Wing
Albain Center
G A T IM A IN Right Wing
STEELCITY637 Defence
Mozzeye Forward/Defence