Team LUElinks is an EASHL team consisting of users all across the world from a website that doesn't exist. They are a community of wolfshirts who have secretly controlled the internet since the dawn of time. They will dominate the universe with their amazing players and suave fashion sense.

Get. Like. Us.




LL Username Real Name XBL Gamertag Age Hometown Jersey Number Shoots Position Style
shaunMD** Shaun G shaunMD 28 Toronto, ON 42 Left Center Dangler
mikle* Bramlet Abercrombie Senor Huxtable 20 Windsor, ON 58 Left Defense/Goalie Defensive/Butterfly
All Talent* Allen Talent Aii Talent 20 Windsor, ON 88 Right Center/RW Power Forward
deltawing Andrew R deltawing12 21 Kalamazoo, MI 12 Left Left Wing Sniper
Moltar Real Name XBL Gamertag Age Hometown Jersey Number Shoots Goalie Style
link9606 Zim invader zimster 19 Los Angeles, Ca 10 Right Defense Defensive
PenningtonNY10 Michael W the videodrome 20 Wethersfield, CT 25 Left Left Wing Playmaker
PJStock 42 Mike St. Bruins37 20 Bangor, ME 37 Right Left Winger Playmaker
Gnar Kill Cody D Gnar Code 21 Ames, IA 23 Right Center Playmaker
BMXBiker Ian Bonaparte nhlboy2008 18 Boston, MA 77 Right Defense Offensive
Captain Planet Josh D bxt haelwho 18 Los Angeles, CA 17 Right Right Defenseman Offensive
Kaphis K Kam Kaphis 22 Vancouver, BC 3 Left Left Defensemen Defensive Defensemen
raze Mike R razeinc 21 New York, NY 87 Right Right Wing
Ian1085 Ian S SadassA2B 22 Buffalo, NY 08 Right Right Wing Sniper
Ciao Bryan Hockridge Vyers 19 Sarnia, ON 9 Right Defenseman Offensive
GryphonRider Shawn Morris Defalt Prophet 19 Northport, NY 6 Right TBD TBD
Stevis Ian Quick Stevis33 18 Yuma AZ 33 Left Goalie Butterfly
adamgreco2001 Joey Greco TonyBabagan00sh 22 Mississauga, ON 55 Left LW Power Forward
Pth88 Patrick H Pth88 20 Fairfax, Va 19 Right LW / RW Power Forward
Geki Ganger III Mac W mac402 18 Vancouver, BC 13 Right LW/RW Grinder
KingDeDeDe Cameron LL KingDeDeDe 18 Starkville, MS (Mississippi State) 80 Right Defenseman TBD
Tanner TJ Dizzle The T Facta 18 Salisbury, MD 69 Right LW/RW TBD
Wegee Dave S. Fyren13 20 Bloomington, IN 04 Right Defenseman Defensive

==to be sorted==

| I Like Simple Plan
| kb57
| adamgreco2001
| Stevis
| ZeldaGamer64|
| punkrocker99
| Captain Planet
| Parrothead617 - GT: Killer B Diddy
| raze - gt: razeinc
| KingDeDeDe - GT: LL KingDeDeDe
| Zambino - GT: jzonez
| deltawing - GT: deltawing12
| Teddy Roosevelt - GT: Prof Roosevelt
| friskybb - GT: mkramer
| JoeyH - GT: Joeku
| asterioth x - GT: asterioth
| SuperSonic019 - GT: ZeroNineteen
| avs3323 - GT: avs3323

  • * Indicates Team Leaders